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    Private/Confidential Information Collection Notification

    PLEASE NOTE: The University of Minnesota Morris is asking you to provide information that includes private and/or confidential information under state and federal law. This information is being requested in order to process your application. You agree to provide the University with your data, and the University agrees to process your application.

    The collection of demographic data is strictly voluntary and utilized only for the purpose of evaluating student recruitment and retention policies. If you choose to provide demographic data to the University, you are explicitly consenting to the University’s collection, storage, and processing of that data for the purpose of evaluating student recruitment and retention policies.

    Your data will be used for the following purposes: 1) to process your application; 2) to follow up on your progress completing the application; 3) for internal business purposes as allowed by law; 4) to develop, validate, or administer predictive tests, administer student aid programs, or improve instruction, by the University of Minnesota and/or organizations conducting studies for, or on behalf of, the University of Minnesota; and not for any other purpose unless required by law or University policy. The University may retain your data in accordance with an applicable records retention obligation or other legal obligation, or at your request.

    You have the right to ask for corrections to your data as set forth in Minnesota Statutes § 13.04 Subd. 3. You have the right to avail yourself of the dispute procedures set forth in Minnesota Statutes § 13.08 concerning your data.

    You are not legally required to provide the information the University of Minnesota Morris is requesting; however, the University may not be able to effectively process your application if you do not provide sufficient information. With some exceptions, unless you consent to further release of private information, access to this information will be limited to school officials, including faculty who have legitimate educational interests in the information.