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Morris is the college for curious, creative, talented future freshman like you. Apply now and you will discover what a renewable, sustainable education can mean to you.

Questions about any of the info below? Contact Admissions.

Academic Requirements

To apply, your high school transcript should include the following:

*Applicants missing this requirement will not be denied admission if they are otherwise admissible.

Of course, we also welcome college and advanced placement credits (see Credit for Previous Work below). Learn more about how we evaluate applications.

Steps for Future Freshman Applicants

1. Visit Us

There are a number of visit options. If you can’t visit, try our virtual tour.

2. Complete the application

Apply online or download the application [PDF]. (Be sure to include a $35 non-refundable application fee, or $25 if applying online.) For tips on how to make the most of your application find out more about how we evaluate applications »

3. Have your high school records forwarded directly to the University of Minnesota, Morris

This includes your official high school transcripts, with class rank (if your high school ranks). If you’ve obtained a GED, include both the official GED records and high school transcripts.

4. Provide an official score report for the ACT or SAT

An official score report either comes directly from the testing organization or is recorded on your official high school transcript. Results for the ACT Writing Test are required. The Morris ACT code is 2155 and the SAT code is 6890.

5. Send any additional information (optional)

Feel free to include extra materials like written statements, letters of recommendation, resumes, and portfolios that you feel would help get to know you better. We encourage written statements if there are any extenuating circumstances we should take into account when reviewing your application.

6. Explore financial aid and scholarships

7. Receive your admission decision

In about three weeks, you’ll receive an admission decision in the mail.

8. Save your place!

So we don’t give your spot away, return the confirmation card included in your admission with a $150 non-refundable confirmation fee or pay the confirmation fee online with a credit card. Once we receive your confirmation, you will be able to request housing, schedule a registration session, and complete the necessary steps to be a Morris student.

How we Evaluate Applications

At Morris, we want to get to know you as an applicant. This is why we look at a full range of factors, and why we encourage you to visit and meet with an admission counselor. Here’s a list of the aspects we consider.

Primary review factors:

  • Successful school performance, including high school or college coursework, grades received, high school rank percentile (if calculated) and grade point average
  • Standardized test scores, including ACT and/or SAT
  • Successful completion of a college preparatory curriculum
  • Strength of the curriculum through high school graduation, including courses that exceed the core subject requirements and any advanced courses (e.g., honors, AP, IB, college level)

Secondary review factors:

  • ACT/SAT writing test results
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal interview
  • Evidence of exceptional achievement, aptitude, or personal accomplishment not reflected in the academic record or standardized test scores
  • Participation in extracurricular college preparatory programs (e.g., MEP, PSEO, Talent Search, Admission Possible, Upward Bound, and other programs)
  • Evidence of exceptional talent or ability in artistic, scholarly, leadership, or athletic performance
  • Evidence that enrollment would enhance the cultural, gender, age, economic, racial, or geographic diversity of the student body
  • Evidence of exceptional motivation, maturity, or responsibility
  • Outstanding high school or community involvement
  • Work experience, paid or unpaid
  • Size of graduating class
  • Evidence of having overcome social, economic, or physical barriers to educational achievement
  • Extenuating circumstances

Credit from Previous Work

Morris happily accepts or grants credit for college coursework, Advanced Placement testing, International Baccalaureate degrees, or other programs.

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate

You can receive up to eight semester credits for each higher-level subject passed with a grade of five or higher for International Baccalaureate (IB) classes or with a grade of three or higher for Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Credit for IB and AP Subject Tests [PDF].

To receive credit for AP and IB courses: Send the official Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate score reports to Morris. The Morris AP code is 6890.

Transfer College Credit

If you’ve taken courses at a college other than Morris, it’s possible that these credits may be used to satisfy your major or general education requirements.

Morris accepts credits completed at any regionally accredited post-secondary institution, provided that the coursework is equivalent in nature, level, and content to courses offered by Morris and applicable to the bachelor of arts degree.

To receive credit for college courses: Have official transcripts for all coursework sent to the Morris Office of Admissions, review how we transfer credits to get an idea of what will transfer, and access the Transferology system to find exactly which courses will transfer.

Your transferred credits will be added to your Morris transcript and give you a head start on your degree requirements.

The ACT Writing Test

What is the writing portion of the ACT exam?

The ACT Writing Test complements the English Test. The results of the writing test help us evaluate your application and place you in your first-year writing class.

Do I have to take it to apply to Morris?

Yes, all applicants taking their ACT after February 2005 must take the writing portion of the ACT.

What if I already took the ACT exam and didn’t take the Writing Test?

Contact the Office of Admissions and we can help you individually.

What if I take the SAT?

If you take the SAT, you do not need to complete the ACT Writing Test as there is a writing section on the SAT.

What will the Writing Test be like?

The ACT Writing Test is a 30-minute exam that measures the skills you learned in your high school English and college prep courses. You'll be asked to respond to a question about your position on a specific issue. Your score will not be affected by the point of view you take, but on your writing and critical thinking abilities.

Discover what a renewable, sustainable education means to you.